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Cinulin-E3 is a water soluble extract of cinnamon bark enhanced with Fulvic acid for maximum absorption (Cinnamomum cassia and/or Cinnamomumburmanni) (standardized to 2.7% Type A Polymers)
Cinnamon Extract(Methyl HydroxyChalcone Polymer (MHCP))
Cinulin-E3 Extract contains an ingredient known as Methyl HydroxyChalcone Polymer (MHCP), which has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, as well as glucose metabolism in fat cells by as much as twenty fold. It does this by reducing the insulin resistance of fat cells, which makes their insulin receptors more responsive.

Cinulin-E3 Extract

  • Alleviate Insulin Resistance.
  • Regulate Blood Sugar Levels by significantly reducing fasting glucose.
  • Increase Glucose Metabolism.
  • Significantly reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and raise HDL cholesterol levels.
  • Improves leptin sensitivity, lowers glucose levels and reduce inflammation, thus helping one to maintain a healthy weight.

Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar
Research shows that an extract of cinnamon—MethylHydroxyChalconePolymer (MHCP)-acts similarly to insulin and can assist with diabetes prevention and blood sugar control. It appears to work synergistically with insulin.

In a double blind, placebo-controlled study, German researchers tested the effect of cinnamon on patients with type-2 diabetes who were taking oral diabetes medication. After four months, the group taking cinnamon experienced a 10.3 percent reduction in blood sugar, compared to the placebo group's drop of 3.4 percent.

Even more impressive numbers were seen in a study published in Diabetes Care. This trial included a total of 60 middle aged type 2 diabetics (30 men and 30 women—half supplementing with placebo and half supplementing with a cinnamon Extract for 40 days.

At the end of the 40-day supplementation period, all of the subjects taking cinnamon extract enjoyed significant reductions in fasting glucose—between 18 and 29 percent. In fact, the blood sugar levels of the volunteers who received cinnamon were an average of 20 percent lower than were those of volunteers in the placebo group. Some members of the cinnamon groups even achieved normal levels.

Plus, data also revealed reductions in LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides as high as 27 percent, 26 percent and 30 percent, respectively. Researchers didn't find the same changes among the placebo group.

Lastly, other research has shown that two months of cinnamon extract supplementation can cut fasting and post-meal glucose levels—and that you can reduce your body's glucose responses while also increasing insulin sensitivity within as little as two weeks.

Cholesterol Levels
A meta-analysis published in 2012 reviewed 10 trials (a total of 543 patients) and found that cinnamon extract doses ranging from 120 mg per day to 6 g per day for four to 18 weeks significantly reduced fasting glucose, total and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and raised HDL cholesterol levels.

On the inflammation front, cinnamon has been shown to significantly reduce the blood levels of TNF-alpha in rats, 11 as well as other inflammation markers, such as interleukin-6. Another animal study found that cinnamon extract not only reduced TNF-alpha and interleukin-6, but also regulated the genetic expression of the inflammation and insulin signaling pathways, 12 which is a fancy way of saying that cinnamon reduced inflammation and promoted healthy insulin levels.

Liver Health
In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 50 patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) were randomized to receive either two 750mg capsules (1500mg daily) of cinnamon or two placebo pills daily for 12 weeks. 13 In addition to the supplement regimen, all participants were also advised how to implement a balanced diet and exercise into their daily routines.

At the end of the treatment period, the researchers noted that the intervention group experienced significant reductions in fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, triglycerides and C-reactive protein. Additionally, levels of three enzymes used to measure for liver damage or disease—alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and gamma glutamine transpeptidase (GGT)— dropped dramatically. HDL cholesterol remained unchanged, while LDL cholesterol diminished in both groups.

The study authors concluded, “Taking 1,500 mg cinnamon (150 m Cinnamon Extract 10:1) daily is effective in improving NAFLD characteristics.”

Weight Maintenance
According to a March 2010 study, rats with induced insulin resistance given cinnamon extract for eight weeks not only saw reduced blood glucose and insulin levels, but also had improvement in circulating levels of adipose-related hormones in general.

This is important when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance, as adipose tissue refers to body fat, usually around the midsection, while adipose-related hormones include a number of different hormones that affect weight and insulin levels, namely leptin (the hunger hormone), adiponectin (regulates glucose).

Cinnamon Extract has been shown to work at all three levels—improving leptin sensitivity, lowering glucose levels and reducing inflammation—and thus helping you to maintain a healthy weight.


  • Aids in the breakdown of fats.
  • Is necessary for the formation of lecithin.
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol.
  • Helps prevent thinning hair.

Chromium-Key Info:
Chromium helps control blood sugar, curbs carb cravings and fights body fat.
Chromium is a mineral used often in weight loss programs because of its actions on maintaining proper insulin response and cell sensitivity to insulin, and for its role in stimulating thermogenesis in the body. It's role in blood sugar regulation is to facilitate the uptake of glucose into cells.

When you eat carbohydrate, it is broken down to sugar and absorbed into the blood. The magnitude of the rise in blood sugar, and subsequent rise in insulin, varies widely from food to food. Slowing the release of sugar into the blood is the first step to controlling blood sugar and one of the most important goals of any healthy diet.

According to research, keeping blood sugar in check does everything from enhancing weight and fat loss and decreasing appetite to preventing diabetes, etc. In contrast, foods that are rapidly digested and quickly released into the blood promote overeating, obesity, insulin resistance, and other metabolic disturbances contributing to disease.

Chromium helps control blood sugar
Chromium supplementation is a simple method to improve blood sugar control. Several studies have evaluated the effect of chromium on glucose levels, a significant number of these studies have shown that chromium can normalize blood sugar levels, improve blood sugar utilization and decrease insulin requirements in patients with glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. In one study, blood sugar responses to a carbohydrate meal of white bread were measured with and without a single dose (400 micrograms) of chromium. The addition of chromium resulted in a 23% reduction in blood sugar after the meal.

Chromium and cholesterol levels
Chromium also plays a role in fat metabolism. Several studies have investigated chromium's effects on lipid profiles. A number of those studies reported reductions in triglycerides, as much as 32%, and reductions in total and LDL cholesterol.

Chromium diminishes carb cravings
In one study, it was shown that simply taking chromium picolinate for 8 weeks significantly reduced carbohydrate cravings. The subjects who had the most severe carbohydrate cravings experienced the best results.

Chromium fights body fat
Experiments have shown that chromium picolinate supplementation reduces fat mass, increases lean body mass and can lead to weight loss.

Chromium combats insulin resistance
Recent evidence indicates that chromium plays an important role in insulin resistance. Poor insulin resistance, is a prevalent condition that contributes to obesity and several other metabolic problems.


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