Key Points:


  • Extreme muscle Recovery.

  • Increases muscle strength.

  • Relieves muscle cramps.

  • Reduces lactic acid

  • Prevent joints and muscles pain

  • Repairs damaged tissues.

  • It preserves lean muscle mass.

  • Boost the immune

  • Enhance athletic endurance

  • Soaks up lactic acid

  • Prevent muscular fatigue.

  • Increase fat burning.


More Info:

GlutaZyme™(Enzymatic Buffered Glutamine)

GlutaMax™ has been "Enzymatically Enhanced" to neutralize the negative effect of the digestive enzymes on the absorption of Glutamine, maximizing the absorption.

Speeds up muscle recovery after workout.

Minimizes the breakdown of muscle and improves protein metabolism.

Boost the immune system.

Plays a keyrole in protein synthesis.

Improves nitrogen availability in the body-better blood flow.

Increases muscle strength.

Stimulates growth hormone production, which metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth.



MSM(Sulpher) prevents, toxicity, inflammation, pain in the joints, or muscles, reduce stiffness and swelling, chronic pain, exhaustion, anaemia, ageing, skin eruptions, constipation, brittle hair and nails and a poor immune system.

MSM is responsible for collagen synthesis, forming skin, blood vessels, hair and nails, which is the attribute of youth.

MSM is used by athletes to increase stamina and minimise sore muscles

MSM help those with chronic fatigue, and assists in recuperation from severe physical and mental exhaustion.

MSM reduces the effects of stress.

MSM relieves leg and back cramps and muscle spasms.

MSM increase alertness, reduced mood swings and less depression



Chondriflex is formulated with active ingredients which research has shown to be highly effective in countering cartilage degeneration and pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness in the joints.

ChondriFlex helps to form the connective tissue of skin, tendons, cartilage, ligaments and bone matrix.

It is an effective anti-inflammatory compound.

Glucosamine sulfate

Glucosamine increase the cartilage and fluid surrounding joints.

Sulfate is needed by the body to produce cartilage.

Reduces pain of osteoarthritis in the knee.


Glycine is an important anti-aging amino acid.

Glycine is essential for Collagen formation. Collagen is the essential protein required to keep the connective tissue and skin flexible and firm.

Glycine repairs damaged tissues.

Glycine is essential for many athletes who train hard, it helps to transport nutrients into the mitochondria where it can be utilized for energy production.

Glycine can significantly build muscle mass that is lean and toned.

Glycine is necessary for the conversion of glucose(carbohydrate) into energy, it also helps with the breakdown of fat.

Glycine increases energy and endurance and is important for athletes wanting to increase muscle growth, muscle mass and performance.

Glycine help to prevent muscle degeneration and muscle breakdown.

Glycine is also required for the maintenance of red blood cell integrity and optimal oxygen carrying capacity.

Glycine has an important role in Hormone Regulation, it is essential for the biosynthesis of steroids, like androgenic hormones.

Glycine also helps to stimulate the secretion of human growth hormone(hGH). It assists with fast recovery and wound healing.

Glycine can reduce the effects of Gout by reducing and removing uric acid.

Glycine stimulates the release of the hormone prolactin, which increases satisfaction after sex.


Collagen(Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen-kDA2(Low Molacular Weight):

Hydrolyzed Type II collagen-kDA2 is a patented ingredient with purified, enzymatically hydrolyzed (partially digested) type II collagen.

"Native" collagen, which has not been predigested, is in the form of giant molecules that are too large for absorption.

Hydrolyzed Type II collagen-kDA2 molecules have a typical molecular weight of only 1,500 to 2,500 Daltons, and thus are easy for the body to absorb.

Type II collagen is the collagen that makes up moveable joints.

Collagen Type II also improve wound healing and quality and growth of hair and nails.



Enhances the body's capacity to perform high intensity work.

Strengthens muscular contraction, and helps the athlete to pump out more reps, sprint at a faster rate.

Enhances Recovery.

Improves Bone Healing.

Improves Glucose Tolerance.

Reduce Sarcopaenia (Age Related Muscle Loss)

It helps to promote complete recovery from intense exercise.

Creatine Enhances Methylation and provides a powerful anabolic boost through the enhancing of systemic methylation.



The health of your skin is directly related to Cystine.

It is responsible for white blood cells to migrate to an area of trauma in the skin in order to protect it.

It assists the body to recover from the effects of surgery.

It promotes hair growth.

Is effective in the treatment of a low white blood count, and for the treatment of skin diseases and anemia.

Supplementation preserve lean muscle mass.

Boost the immune system activation.

It can also be converted into glucose (for energy) when glucose levels are low after intense training.

Enhance athletic endurance and prevent muscle catabolism.



Beta-Alanine causes intense vasodilation/pumps from the very first dose of beta-alanine. This experience occurs because beta-alanine increases carnosine and carnosine is a powerful precursor in generating nitric oxide synthase (a group of enzymes necessary for making the powerful vasodilator nitric oxide).

Beta-Alanine may cause prickling(called parathesia) which is caused by beta-alanine binding to nerve receptors, activating them and causing them to discharge(fire). Many of these nerves are below the skin, giving a prickling(pins-and-needles sensation).

Beta-alanine boost the synthesis of carnosine.

Beta-Alanine soaks up lactic acid to prevent muscular fatigue.

Beta Alanine can increase your lifting time for prolonged strength and longer workouts without the debilitating burn of acid build-up.

Beta-Alanine increases performance gains and endurance.

Taking beta-alanine pre-workout and post-workout increase the uptake of beta-alanine into our muscles.

The improved uptake is largely due to increased blood flow during exercise.

Beta-Alanine boosts explosive muscular strength and power output.

Increases muscle mass.

Boosts muscular anaerobic endurance.



Arginine is a known precursor of the Nitric Oxide [NO2] that increase blood flow and muscle pump during endurance training, endurance events and a muscle workout.

Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide [which is responsible for vasodilation]. Arginine increases the diameter of blood vessels, thereby allowing increased blood flow to reach all extrimities and constricted areas.

It is also responsibel for the reduction of plasma lactate and ammonia during training. Build-up of lactate and ammonia lead to fatigue during exercise.

Arginine helps regulate salt levels in the body especially during intense training.

Arginine is also believed to be crucial for muscle growth due to its vasodilating abilities, as well as its ability to participate in protein synthesis.

Arginine is particular important for athletes, the obese or overweight, and the elderly.

Persons suffering from injury can benefit from supplemental arginine, as demand for arginine is increased during times of bodily injury and repair.

Arginine is beneficial for persons suffering from erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction due to its vasodilating properties. In cases of erectile dysfunction or poor circulation of the extremities, Arginine increases the diameter of blood vessels, thereby allowing increased blood flow to reach constricted areas.

Arginine may boost the immune system, thereby allowing the athlete to train harder.

Arginine is highly beneficial for obese persons, due to its ability to increase growth hormone levels, its ability to encourage lipid oxidization, its ability to lower blood pressure, and its ability to decrease arterial plaque.


Vitamin Complex

Nutrition plays a key role in general wellbeing. Vitamin Complex contains all the correct nutritional vitamins in the correct quantities.

The combination of all the key vitamins may improve general health, energy levels, attention, alertness and concentration as well as the prevention of obesity by controlling appetite in a natural way.

Vitamin B complex can improve IQ scores and reduce aggression. Vitamin B6 increases the brain's levels of dopamine, which improves alertness.



Taurine is an amino acid like Glutamine that is earning more and more respect from bodybuilders and protein scientists.

Taurine plays an important role in several metabolic conditions and is the most voluminous amino represented muscle fiber.

Taurine acts similarly to Creatine by assisting the muscle cell to hold more water( increasing cell volume), expanded muscle cells can boost hydration resulting in a higher rate of protein synthesis.


Excell M10™.

Excell M10™ is a High Quality Repair Supplement that provides an outstanding combination of ingredients, that optimizes and assist the body with recovery from daily wear and tear, improve joint health, support immune function and reduce muscle and joint pain.




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