Creatine Race + AminoF. - 280g

 Key Info:


Creatine Race is a highly advanced, extremely concentrated form of Creatine Monohydrate with AminoFuse™, providing a massive 5000mg Creatine per serving! It has been combined with Glyco-Aminomed™ which is a carrier for advanced absorption and muscle building potential.


  1. AminoFuse™

  • AminoFuse™ is a fusion of specific amino acids in just the right proportions to enhance and promote and increase blood flow, reduce lactate and ammonia during endurance training, increase growth hormone output and the removal of toxic waste products from the body during training.

  • AminoFuse supplementation can minimize breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism, it also removes uric acid from of the bloodstream, which is the major contributor to gout.

  • AminoFuse helps to boost the levels of Creatine in your body and can help transport nutrients into the mitochondria where it can be utilized more efficiently, resulting in significantly muscle mass that is lean and toned.

  • One of the key ingredients of AminoFuse is Beta-alanine, also known as 3-aminopropanoic acid.Beta-Alanine causes intense vasodilation/pumps from the very first dose of beta-alanine. This experience occurs because beta-alanine increases carnosine and carnosine is a powerful precursor in generating nitric oxide synthase (a group of enzymes necessary for making the powerful vasodilator nitric oxide).

  • Beta-Alanine may cause prickling(called parathesia) It is caused by beta-alanine binding to nerve receptors, activating them and causing them to discharge(fire). Many of these nerves are below the skin, giving a prickling(pins-and-needles) sensation.

  • Beta-alanine boost the synthesis of carnosine and soaks up lactic acid to prevent muscular fatigue.

  • By supplementing with AminoFuse you can significantly increase and prolong training without the debilitating burn of acid build-up. By preventing increased acidity levels and a build-up of lactic acid it significantly reduces cramping and muscular fatigue.


AminoFuse Key Info:

  • Boosts explosive muscular strength and power output.

  • Increases muscle mass.

  • Boosts muscular anaerobic endurance.

  • Increases aerobic endurance.

  • Increases exercise capacity so you can train harder and longer.


  1. Creatine Race+AminoFuse:

  • Creatine enhances the body's capacity to perform high intensity work and assists greater muscle size and performance gains as a result.

  • Ssupplementing with creatine reduces muscle cell damage and inflammation following exhaustive exercise and promotes complete recovery from intense exercise.

  • Creatine loading significantly improves muscle volume and performance in elite athletes

  • Creatine enhances methalation and it’s ergogenic actions work by assisting energy production and power output, resulting in muscle size and strength, and improved performance. Additionally, creatine provides a powerful anabolic boost through its enhancing of systemic methylation status(the regulation of gene expression, protein synthesis and RNA metabolism through enzymatic catalyzation).

  • Methylation is a process that is essential for the supporting of life itself.

  • Creatine improves brain function (specifically short-term memory) in normal subjects.

  • Creatine improves bone healing and is used successfully as an adjuvant therapy for bone fracture healing and for the treatment of osteoporosis.

  • Creatine improves glucose tolerance and assist with the combating of diabetes.

  • Creatine reduce sarcopaenia(age related Muscle Loss), as we age there is a natural decline in the production of muscle building(anabolic) hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone and the insulin like growth factors (IGF-1). As a result there is a tendency for the elderly to progressively lose muscle mass. Creatine supplementation negates the degenerative effects of age related muscle wasting and act as a muscle preserver in the aging population it plays an important roll in offsetting age related muscle wasting, especially when combined with a strength training regime.


Creatine provides the following endurance benefits:

Extreme Physical performance.

Improves sprint performance.

Improves maximal power.

Extreme Muscle Growth Support.

Increases muscle mass.

Increases muscle fiber size; hypertrophy

Improves worked performed during repetitive sprint performance.

Improves performance during exercise of high to maximal intensity.

Improves recovery following endurance activity.

Improves brain function (specifically short-term memory).

Enhances bone regeneration.

Improves muscle and performance in vegetarians.








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