CarboSport - 450g

Key Points:

The first truly scientifically designed carbohydrate drink available for all sportsmen e.g.

Marathon athletes, rugby players and body builders and people exposed to heat stress like fire fighters and miners.


CarboSport benefits:

  • Provide energy source

  • Enhance performance and extend endurance by more than 22%

  • Improve cardiovascular function and temperature regulation by decreasing mean heart rate during exercise.

  • Prevent lactic acid build up

  • Improves insulin activity thereby speeding replenishment of muscle glycogen

  • Reduce post exercise muscle damage and fatigue.


CarboSport is the first energy drink to utilize a stacked carbohydrate formula which contains no cane sugar. (Cane sugar or sucrose puts your blood-sugar level on a roller coaster ride – leaving you feeling fatigued). CarboSport is designed to produce peak performance results for athletes and workers exposed to heat. By using a special blend of mono-saccharide’s(Dextrose), di-saccharides, tri-saccharides and poly-saccharides, the body receives almost an immediate energy burst, which is then followed by the di-, tri- and polysaccharides to make up the long sustained fuel source needed to help maintain blood glucose levels for superior results and can be used before, during, and after exercise or as an energy booster at any time of the day. It is this meticulous combination of different chain length saccharides together with chromium chelate that prevents, what is known by athletes, as a sugar crash.


All Carbohydrates finally reach the individual tissue cells in the form of glucose, which then supplies the major share of the cellular energy.

Most sport drinks available today focus primarily on hydration and carbohydrates supplementation. These products ignore the importance of stimulating insulin and reducing muscle- and oxidative stress.


Chromium increases the efficiency of insulin and is an essential supplement for athletes, as strenuous exercise and extreme stress situations may cause a chromium loss which leads to poor insulin function. Chromium chelate therefore improves the efficiency of the insulin action necessary for proper glucose utilization in the cell. Insulin is much more effective when chromium is present.

Taking CarboSport before and during exercise enables the athlete to postpone fatigue, perform at a higher level and also prevents lactic-acid build-up.


CarboSport is a high intensity energy and endurance formula that will sustain high energy levels for several hours of prolonged, high intensity, competitive levels of performance. Ideal for rugby, body building, soccer and track-and field athletes.


How the CarboSport System enhances aerobic performance.

By understanding the science behind the four principles of the CarboSport System and how they inter relate, the aerobic athlete can make enormous strides in improving individual performance.


  1. Replenish Glycogen Stores Rapidly

The role CarboSport plays as a fuel source during exercise has shaped modern sport nutrition. Early studies primarily focused on replenishment of glycogen stores by consumption of a carbohydrate supplement both during and after exercise.


  1. Fluid restoration

Fluid restoration is the cornerstone of the CarboSport t System and should be the cornerstone of any training program. Fluid replenishment is crucial in maintaining cardiac output and regulating body temperature during exercise. Elevations in body temperature can sharply impair performance. Studies have shown that fluid replacement must occur both during and after exercise.


  1. Reduce Oxidative/Muscle Stress

The muscle cell undergoes considerable trauma during exercise. This trauma leads to soreness and rebuilding of muscle post exercise.

In addition to free radical build up, exercise stimulates cortisol; the body’s stress hormone. Cortisol increases the breakdown of protein. A third consequence of hard exercise is negative effect on the immune system.


  1. Rebuild Muscle

Immediately following exercise a rebuilding process is initiated to repair muscle proteins damaged during exercise. Recent evidence suggests that insulin is a strong stimulus of the muscle rebuilding process by increasing amino acid transport into the muscle and by preventing the breakdown of protein. This interrelationship between glycogen replenishment, insulin and muscle rebuilding is a cornerstone of the CarboSport System.


Role of Monosaccharide

  • Provide quick energy source

  • Be rapidly absorbed by the body

  • Balance with other carbohydrates to give continuous energy source over length of activity and maltodextrin for long term sources

  • Reduce sweetness obtained with sucrose


The Dextro-Maltodextrin concept

  • Monodex-dextrose is a white crystalline powder, obtained from the complete hydrolysis of starch. It provide a quick energy source when used as part of an energy drink, because of rapid absorption by the body.

  • Maltodextrin is a low-converted maize starch hydrolysate and is a white powder with a bland flavour. The product is soluble, has low sweetness and is easily digested.

  • Typical Carbohydrate Profile Dextrose 2%, Disaccharides 9%, Trisaccharides 6%, Higher Saccharides 83%.


All ingredients are manufactured to the highest hygiene standards and complies with legal requirements as defined in the Foodstuffs Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act No 54 of 1972.


CarboSport is a high intensity energy and endurance formula that will sustain high energy levels for several hours of prolonged, high intensity, competitive levels of performance. It is ideal for rugby, body building, soccer, endurance sport and track and field athletes.


The use of CarboSport could thus be of great value in increasing the amount of work a rugby player performs due to the reduced fatigue levels and lower energy cost.



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