Ultra Shape Shake - 400g

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Key Points:

By supplementing one meal per day with Ultra Shape Supreme Lean shake, mixed with your choice of water, milk or rice milk, you can easily shed that excess weight with very little effort. Ultra Shape Supreme Lean shake is easy and quick to prepare at home or at work, and makes a delectable light meal replacement or snack. Supplementing your daily nutrients, vitamins and amino acids while managing your weight, it has never been this convenient or tasty.

Summary of some of the active ingredients:

Helps with weight loss by boosting metabolism and regulating digestion.
This unique product has been formulated to manage weight and support lean muscle, promote healthy blood sugar levels, control mood and stress-related eating, improve metabolism and control appetite and cravings. All of these factors can contribute to weight gain and the inability to lose weight efficiently. MetaMax™ is perfect for stimulating weight loss after periods of not losing.

  • Helps regulate mood and stress-related eating
  • Increases fullness and satisfaction after a meal
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Enhances optimal liver detoxification and function
  • Optimizes metabolism

Leucine helps with weight loss by retaining muscle mass and to keep the metabolism going strong. Leucine spares muscle proteins during weight loss, so you lose fat and not muscle.

L-Glutamin is an excellent supplement for weight loss and muscle recovery, a side effect of all this activity is often weight loss.

L-Tyrosine can assist with weight loss because of the amino acid's ability to speed up the body's metabolism and its role in appetite suppression.

BioZyme™is a mixture of protein-digesting enzymes-called proteolytic enzymes or proteases and several other substances in smaller quantities.

BioZyme™assist with:

  • Indigestion
  • Digestive Support
  • Anti Spasmodic
  • Ease Stomach aches and Indigestion
  • Anti-Flatulance
  • Anti-inflammatory



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To achieve and maintain your fitness / weight gain / weight loss goals you must adjust your lifestyle.  A goal based diet and sensible fitness program are the basis for optimal results. Results will vary from person to person based on their individual lifestyles / diets.