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Calnecene pH800 Plus chewable tablets contain calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese. Calcium plays a role in bone health, muscle and nerve activity, and blood clotting. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, and magnesiium, zinc, copper and manganese all play a role in bone health.


Calnecene pH800 Plus is made with calcium carbonate, the most concentrated form of calcium. Calnecene pH800 Plus is a chewable tablet with improved absorption. 


Calcium and vitamin D help in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.  Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet and regular exercise, may help prevent bone loss and osteoporosis.


Key Health Benefits of Calnecene pH800 Plus chewable:

  • Supports Bone Health, maintains bone density and helps with bone healing.

  • May Help Prevent Osteoporosis.

  • Helps Lower High Blood Pressure.

  • Defends Against Cancer.

  • Supports Muscle and Nerve Function.

  • Helps with Weight Loss.

  • Can Help Prevent Diabetes.

  • Needed to Maintain Dental Health.

  • Helps with Indigestion.

  • Can Help Prevent PMS Symptoms.



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Calnecene pH800 Plus(Chew)


Health Benefits of Calcium

1. Supports Bone Health

Calcium is involved in the growth and maintenance of bones. Calcium, together with other essential minerals like Vitamin K and Vitamin D, is needed to maintain bone mineral density and to prevent weak, brittle bones and fractures. It helps form a part of hydroxyapatite, the mineral complex that makes bones and teeth hard and maintains bone density and helps with bone healing.

Without enough calcium present in the body, bones are susceptible to becoming post and pliable, and therefore they would be more prone to fractures and breaks.

For bone loss prevention, vitamin d, and protein are just as important as calcium is, therefore the these factors together can result in the best chances of protecting bones into old age.

Consuming high levels of calcium alone, or taking calcium supplements, does not protect against bone problems like osteoporosis and fractures. In fact it may even slightly increase the risk for bone fractures.

2. May Help Prevent Osteoporosis

Calcium aids in bone strength as the bones build up calcium stores over time. Calcium supplementation has been one of the standard treatment methods used to prevent and decreases cases of osteoporosis for decades.

Osteoporosis is a disease most common in women (especially postmenopausal women) that results in weak, fragile bones over time due to bone deterioration and loss of bone mineral and mass; what really occurs when someone has osteoporosis is that their bones become porous (hence the name).

3. Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

Calcium is involved in regulating heart functions because of its role in dilating blood vessels and sending chemical nerve signals from the brain to the heart. This is important for regulating heart rhythms, blood pressure, and circulation.

Supplemental dietary calcium has been shown to help lower levels of high blood pressure, whereas restricted calcium diets tend to elevate blood pressure.  In studies, patients have experienced a statistically significant decrease of systolic high blood pressure with calcium supplementation It’s believed that calcium may alter blood pressure by changing the metabolism of other electrolytes and by playing a part in blood vessel activity and muscle strength.

4. Defends Against Cancer

According to studies, there is a highly significant association between calcium and vitamin D intake and a lowered risk of death from at least fifteen types of cancers. Of these, colon, rectal, breast, gastric, endometrial, renal and ovarian cancer studies all exhibit a significant inverse relationship between cancer incidence and oral intake of calcium.

Experimental studies have shown that calcium has anticarcinogenic effects due to its participation in regulating cell proliferation, cell differentiation, and inducing cell death (apoptosis) in cancerous cells.

5. Supports Muscle and Nerve Function

Calcium is involved in the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that control muscle movement and nerve signaling. Calcium helps cells communicate in order to relay nerve responses and activates certain proteins in the body which are needed bymuscle to move and contract. Calcium also helps with the control and release of glucose (sugar) in the blood stream, which is used by the muscles for “fuel”.

6. Helps with Weight Loss

Increasing dietary calcium may positively affect weight and fat loss. In studies, participants experienced an increase in the percentage of fat lost from the trunk (torso) region of the body when they consumed more calcium.

7. Can Help Prevent Diabetes

Vitamin D and calcium consumed together are beneficial in optimizing glucose metabolism and helping to prevent diabetes according to studies. Vitamin D and calcium may have direct effects on the pancreatic cells that control insulin secretion and therefore blood sugar levels. Calcium is an essential component of cellular processes that occur within insulin responsive tissues like skeletal muscle and fat tissue.

8. Needed to Maintain Dental Health

Calcium is stored partially in the teeth and is needed for tooth health  and maintenance. Calcium help defend against tooth decay and has been correlated with increased dental health for similar reasons that it protects bones.

9. Helps with Indigestion

Calcium is used in over-the-counter antacid tablets that help digestion by reducing heartburn and symptoms of an upset stomach.

10. Can Help Prevent PMS Symptoms

Calcium has been shown to be useful in relieving PMS symptoms including bloating, cramps, headaches, breast tenderness, muscle aches, fatigue, and moodiness. Calcium levels fluctuate during the menstrual cycle because as estrogen levels increase, calcium concentrations drop, therefore consuming enough calcium helps to balance this relationship and reduce painful symptoms.





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