AscorbiX500 Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is the army of antioxidants that supports the immune system.

You've never seen vitamin C like this before.

Vitamin C is a natural compound most often consumed by humans through fruits and vegetables. It's important to note that this water-soluble vitamin is not produced or stored by the body, so it must be obtained through diet.
If you are following a daily diet consisting of plenty vegetables and fresh fruits, there is a good chance you are taking plenty of vitamin C. However, in today's busy world, it is difficult to create enough time to eat all the necessary amount of food for good and essential nutrition. Getting enough vitamin C throughout the day is important, and many people become vitamin C-deficient when they don't pay attention to their diet.

AscorbiX500 Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps support the immune system and helps neutralize free radicals in the body. Vitamin C is also required for the body to manufacture collagen, which is important for healthy skin. AscorbiX500 Vitamin C 500 mg is ideal for those looking to supplement their diet, if it is low in fruit and vegetables, to meet your daily vitamin C nutrient needs.

AscorbiX500 Vitamin C
Helps support the immune system
Seasonal defence for Colds and Flu
Supports collagen synthesis
Aids with the absorption of iron
Supports the development and repair of the body's tissues.
Is needed to form the protein collagen, used by the body to make skin, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.
Because vitamin C is an antioxidant, it can reduce cell damage caused by free radicals, chemicals and environmental pollutants.
Exceptional quality at an extraordinary value

AscorbiX500 Vitamin C 500mg is guaranteed to meet your high quality standards – it is made from carefully selected ingredients under strict cGMP manufacturing processes.
• No Artificial Flavors
• No Color Added
• No Preservatives
• No Yeast or Starch
• Gluten Free


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