hGH650 Activ8 - 60s

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Key Info:

hGH 650 Activ8 is an amino acid derived testosterone and hGH releaser which promotes lean muscle gains, a sleeker and more defined figure, and an overall boost in strength. It also assists with the reduction of muscle breakdown and fatigue post workout.


hGH 650 Activ8

  • Naturally activates hGH & boosts Testosterone levels.

  • Dramatically boosts lean muscle gains & strength.

  • Reduces muscle breakdown & fatigue post work out.

  • GABA naturally improves depth & quality of sleep.


Available Pack Size:

  • 60 Capsules


More Info:

hGH 650 Active8 contains natural growth hormone (hGH) precursors, to improve hGH responsiveness, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine the most effective hGH precursor known, and L-Glutamine which can boost levels of hGH by up to 400%.

hGH 650 Active8 provides all the precursors required for the production of hGH.


The functions of hGH include :

  • Protein synthesis.

  • Increasing of muscle mass.

  • Strengthening bones.

  • Immune system improvement.

  • Thyroid function support.

  • It significantly increase natural Testosterone production by at least 53%.

  • Dramatically increase quality of sleep.

  • Significantly increase endurance.

  • Get more out of each hour of sleep - Feel better on less sleep!

  • Improves skin tone through regeneration

  • Increases blood flow.

  • Increase contractile strength with weight training.



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